Yay, I have a blog…oh my…what fun…or not…



This is NOT a cat blog, this is not a cutsey corner where you can come to see what I found cute….
This is where the topic of the day will be stupidity…but not like you think…
Nope, this will be the stuff that is real, that you cant make up, that you just cant imagine is going on. Ill probably get sued before its over, but thats half the fun in making sure you exercise all your rights…right?

I will go after the most mundane stuff you havent heard of, and yet, you have. I will start later today with a post about a wonderful organization that is making some fucked up errors in judgement. The sheep that follow, and are members will have mental orgasms in an attempt to discredit anything posted in the first real target, however, try as they might, they cant change the facts, nor the history…and its gonna be a condensed version, so I have to pick out a couple of targets, and stick to them….
Enjoy if you can, fume if you cant…


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