Honor has left the building….


This is indeed about the NC-PGR, and of course, its a great group, for the most part. 99.9% of its members that stand for the fallen could care less about the politics of it…they just do whats right…dont ask for a thing, dont want the glory, or TV time, or anything…just to do whats right…honor those that gave the ultimate.

Well, the guy in the pic above is a District Capt….in other words, he represents the PGR to the families he deals with…yet, he posts that picture, on one of the PGR sites, and the PGR is NOT an MC.  He also has gone to great lengths to photoshop TONS of pictures to humiliate and otherwise just spit in the face of members he does not like….he has one member, who is a ballonist, photoshopped on a photo of the Hindenburg on fire….classy eh?
But, hes a fucking hero.


Hes really got a hard on for this member, who is in her own right, one hell of a member, the kind you WANT in the org..but when she started to ride again after a horrific accident he did this:



This is the childish mentality that runs the State. Its hidden from most of the public, and the public is kept in the dark at ANY lengths to insure they still get “da money”.

If this was a true corp, as they would like you to think, do you not think that heads would roll if this was made to light? Well, its made to light and nothing will be done unless folks start  asking why its allowed, particularly in an organization that wants you to think its based on honor….whats honorable about this?
What will be done?

He also contacted an MC to warn them about another member who was already IN the MC and a founding member of his chapter…said he beat his wife, caused issues in the PGR and was a piece of shit in general….(I can prove this as I have the e-mails)
You DO NOT do this kind of thing in the MC world….you dont. You dont go sticking your nose into another MCs dealings….its the most NON respectful thing you can do.
Fortunately, the powers that be in the MC know this, and all he did was look like a fat fuck looking for acceptance and attention…, more so than he is….


Anytime ANYONE speaks out, the standard cookie cutter reply is:

That person is a FORMER member, not allowed to attend, and was suspected of stealing money from the organization…nothing but a disgruntled person with mental issues……


It pacifies most as there is no need to question farther….unless of course, you know the truth. But, if you do, then you find yourself on the same end….as the person you are asking about.

Start asking why this is allowed in an organization that prides itself on stating: ANYONE can join, all we ask is yadda yadda yadda…yes…its all lip service.  You can join as long as you never question those in charge, never wake up and realize its a volunteer organization and you can pretty much do as you wish within reason, and you cant be banned in this state from a funeral just because someone does not like you…..
Honor…what in hell happened to it?

It left three state captains ago…and I doubt it will return..After all, you have folks standing a flag line, with a child present, wearing patches that ask if they give a fuck…well, I do, and Im done being silent.





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