The Blog that wasnt….


Back when I first got online….(think Q-Link, Cleveland Freenet, UNC edu servers..Usenet ) there was no such thing as a blog…there was only limited e-mail and then, the BBS system at a screaming 300 baud… We didnt sit around and write about things but we did discuss them. We each added our own flair and such to the issues of the day..
Then, AOL came around and at some point in the 90s, web publishing software allowed us to start just posting random shit and people read it…
And then it went to hell.
Ive noticed that folks, some more than others, dont take the time to actually add thought to a post when they chose to copy and paste it, becoming nothing more than a parrot. Thats fine, its also stupid, but whatever floats yer boat skippy.
To me, an old timer, to continually see ” I reblogged this on my site” means, ” I cant think of anything creative, so I stole all your work and claim it as my own”
Yes, this happens. I happen to be active on several news sites, and in this area, its hard to find anyone that can create a sentence with a creative thought behind it, and while I have gained not only a following, I also have those that cant understand basic general thought processes. Its in part why I came here after a friend suggested it, and as slow season hits, Ill prob bore most to death with some issues of the day, however, Ill take the time if I link a news story to at least touch on it, or explain WHY its here…be it the utter stupidity of those actors involved, or I just found it interesting..
Now, on to the utter stupidity of this one user…..
I follow a few, with this account, and another. I am active on several local news sites…we have that clear. What bothers the hell out of me to no end is to keep seeing “I reblogged this on my site” by the SAME user, every day, every post, particularly when he or she, as they use a Greek persona and while its male in nature, one would assume its to hide the fact she isnt able to come up with anything creative…
WHY parrot the work others have done and ONLY parrot the work others have done? There is no thought process behind it, there is no real logic behind it except to fill your page with posts. It might make your page look busy and creative, but to those that have a mind, we have probably already read it on the page you stole it from, and we already have a thought process rolling that does not involve what was originally written, as we all have ideas and opinions…isnt that what this is all about?
IF you are basically stealing someone elses work, all the time, on the same subjects, Im sure you have an opinion that could be added, or give more insight to the articles you are ripping off right?
If you are also reblogging the original posters thoughts on the link provided to a news article, then, why even bother to blog it? How about instead of making it look like yours, you just post the friggin link to the original blog.

Creativity might be asking too much from some folks…as thats proven daily. But if you are going to take the time to sound all bad ass with a name, have a blog that has several thousand posts in a years time and advertise it all over when you take the information on the other site, at least have the mental capacity to actually add something to it…otherwise, you are just a waste of bandwidth. 


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