Duck it all…

Ive stayed completely out of the damn Duck Dynasty controversy…till today.
Jessie By God Jackson has weighed in…
Hold the presses….Lord and God almighty has spoken….

It is like this…I dont care who you fuck, I dont care who you do things to behind closed doors. It is your life. If you try to involve me, thats another story. If you do it and dont flaunt the fact that last night you used a paper towel tube, some electrical tape, and a hamster, then I could care less.
Problem is….you dont care less, and DO flaunt it.
Now, if thats what you want to do…great. Some of us dont. Personally, I also, along with Phil, prefer a woman to a man, and find nothing attractive, or even remotely arousing about a mans ass…Im not the most attractive guy in the world, but I DO prefer women…
That said, Ive had gay friends, got em now. Had one in Palm Springs hide that fact for years, and finally told me he was in love with me…oooookay….it was dealt with. I was his friend still til the day he was found dead.
BUT….wanna get right down to brass tacks? Ok..I dont get what causes a guy to get up and say…I think I wanna blow him.
Lesbians, I understand…inside every straight man is a lesbian screaming to get out….and does, every damn chance it gets…
BUT, I dont understand for one second the mentality. I DO understand Phils mentality. He believes as do millions of others, its a sin. HE stated it. HE believes it.  Its his right to say it.
Just as its Mohammad the goat fuckers right to say they will behead you for it….think about that…..
In Islam, its punishable by death, yet, no one got up in arms about that.
IF Phil was a practicing Muslim, no one would have said a word, right?
Hes not, hes a practicing Christian….right or wrong, he is.

All that now is making you stare at your screen thinking Im a bigot, a homophobic race baiting bitch right?

Nope. You believe what you wanna believe. I believe what i wanna believe, and we agree to disagree on some things.
If that offends you, then you have bigger issues than how I feel about two guys going at it in the privacy of their own home…and in case you didnt understand, I could give a fuck less.
I might have to answer for a drunken romp with some really big titted chick that in the morning leaves me wondering if I will ever be able to perform again without Viagra, but thats ME. If you wake up in the morning feeling like a glazed donut wondering who that guy is beside you, and you just happen to also be a guy…hey, its your life. I dont answer to you, nor do you answer to me….so if I tell you I dont fucking understand why you wanna do that shit, dont make me feel like the bad guy…I MIGHT want to understand why I dont have a problem acting like a lesbian dyke for a few hours, yet the thought of you blowing a guy makes me sick to my stomach…go figure.

Go think on that….and Im gonna go surf for some big titted porn…



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