What gun violence? Its all about blades now…..








Have you noticed…in the last few days, while there have been some reports of shootings, and such, the vast majority of the issues are stupid fuckers stabbing each other?
Two sisters..errr..sistahs in Ohio, some moron in a Wal-Mart parking lot…what appears to be a redneck case of love gone wrong in SC over colors of a wedding….
Great Britain did it….now, get ready for the media to start gearing up for a blade ban too…just looking ahead, just following the media…



One thought on “What gun violence? Its all about blades now…..

  1. thoughtfullyprepping

    It’s always been about blades in the UK BUT only because the media and government dare not discuss the rise and RISE of illegal firearms. Problem is they are now reluctant to speak or act as the numbers for both blade and firearms are on the increase thus proving that only the good abide by the law whilst the more feral members of our society freely weal what the heck they want to.
    Welcome to the UK where the law abiding have been reduced to reactive targets for the criminals and police to practice on.


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